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Routine Immunization Status among Children under 5 Years of Age living in Rural District of Pakistan

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    Immunization remains always a big challenge for Pakistan and the coverage has been reported significant low that results high morbidity, mortality reported due to vaccine preventable diseases. This study was part of quasi-experimental with control and intervention design and was conducted in primary Health care governmental Basic Health unit’s catchment population of Panjgur by interviewing house head who were selected randomly after the sample size calculation. Self-administered valid and reliable questionnaire were adapted after taking the written consent. Ethical consideration was taken from ethical committee of Bridge Consultant foundation of Pakistan. Total 243 household head including fathers were interviewed during this baseline survey. The mean age of the fathers were 30±5 years. Routine immunization Services utilization with in both Basic Health unit were not found statistically significant (p=0.33). However, the socio demographic information like income, level of education , Household members , Number of children , Under-five children and Sex of Children when compared with the practices were found statistically significant (p<0.05). Study observed partial status towards routine immunization as will low immunization status in under five children was found statistically significant (p<0.05).