International Journal of Health Research and Innovation

Perception of Occupational Hazards among Greek Hospital Workers: a Cross Sectional Study

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    To assess the level of risk as perceived by hospital workers and experts in Health and Safety (H&S) referring to occupational hazards, as a contribution to the improvement of the work conditions. A cross sectional study using triangulation in one general hospital and an oncology one, in two capital Greek cities. 447 hospital professionals randomly stratified by hospital service: nursing, medical, technical and administrative, filled in a developed Occupational Health and Safety Staff questionnaire. Two experts-occupational health nurse and safety engineer- assessed, through inspection, the working condition in hospital departments. Employees and experts differ in their assessment of risk level. Experience, education and specialty influenced, at statistically significant level, risk perceived in risk assessment process. Knowledge on health and safety issues is poor, training programmes on health and safety issues are therefore indicated. Active participation of health professionals in the risk assessment process will help achieve a more complete picture of the working conditions, adopt safe and healthy work behavior and will lead to risk reduction. It could also contribute to closing the research -practice gap depending on the commitment of the key persons within a hospital organization.