International Journal of Health Research and Innovation

The Implementation of e-procurement System in Health Sector in Greece: Attitudes of Potential Users and Implications for Hospital Management

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    Information technology has already penetrated to the health care organizations, promoting their efficiency and effectiveness. Electronic procurement, as an application of information technology, abolishes the traditional procurement procedures introducing information systems and the use of computer. End-users perception of usefulness and ease of use of the information system is a crucial variable for a successful implementation of electronic procurement. Aim of the study was to assess end-users attitude towards the introduction of e-procurement procedures in Greek public hospitals. Technology Acceptance Model was used to examine usersí attitude. Randomly selected administrative employees of procurement units and head/deputy physicians of all Greek public hospitals participated in this cross-sectional study (N=283). The survey was conducted from May till October 2011. The response rate exceeded to 70%. Findings revealed the positive perception of usefulness of e-procurement both for employees and physicians. The majority of employees (94.7%), as end-users, expressed their intention to use e-procurement procedures. Although one third of employees reported that e-procurement will not be ease of use, the majority (almost 96% of administrative staff) reported their willingness to take part in training programs. Ease of  use internet, was significantly correlated with the perception of ease to use e-procurement (p=0.001). At last, in a percentage that approximately amounts 80%, employees consider that the cost of the materialsí provision is going to be reduced, by the application of the electronic procurement system. Due to the economic crisis and the necessity for cost containment Ministry of Health, identifying the benefits of e-procurement, has to take advantage of the positive attitude of end-users and put on, as a priority the development and implementation of e-procurement systems in hospital sector.