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The Odyssey of Atmospheric Oxygen in their Futile Attempt to Reach the Interior of the Cell

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    It is possible that the contradictions that emerge when contrasting hypotheses about gas exchange in the lungs with different clinical and experimental findings in both pulmonary and systemic diseases can be solved if we modify in our mind the role of atmospheric oxygen as the main source of oxygen in the blood and take into account both the intrinsic property of melanin to dissociate and re-form the water molecule which is the true source of intracellular molecular oxygen and also the intrinsic property of hemoglobin to dissociate the water molecule that is a significant contributor of oxygen levels in blood. Recall that chlorophyll and hemoglobin are virtually identical, as is the Mg the prosthetic group in chlorophyll and Fe in hemoglobin; another difference is that chlorophyll has a non-polar end that serves to bind to the chloroplast.