International Journal of Health Research and Innovation

Social Designating Factors of Rheumatic Diseases

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    The present study aims to define the basic parameters of rheumatic diseases. It focuses mainly to social parameters because of the emphasis given lately to the social character of health and illness. For this purpose greek and other literature were reviewed as well as sources from the internet. The results of this review are the following: é) family’s role is fundamental for the protection of psychological, mental and bodily health of persons suf-fering from rheumatic diseases, ii) the educational status of patients suffering from rheu-matic diseases is also important because it affects their health attitudes and behavior, ééé) the social and financial status of patients suffering from rheumatic diseases reflects on their health, iv) healthy social relationships are supportive and affect positively the health of patients suffering from rheumatic diseases, v) the working status and environment af-fect directly and indirectly the health of patients suffering from rheumatic diseases, vi) social distress affects negatively the rheumatic diseases, vii) environmental factors affect significantly the rheumatic diseases, viii) the way of life and human behavior concerning health are considered to be basic parameters in defining rheumatic diseases.