Advances in Management and Applied Economics

The Effect of the Absence of the Application of the Mechanisms of Corporate Governance on the Internal auditing Efficiency to reduce Financial Corruption in the Jordanian Ministries

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    This study aimed fundamentally to exploit the effect of the absence of the application of the mechanisms of corporate governance on the internal auditing efficiency to reduce financial corruption in the Jordanian ministries .In order to achieve the objective of this study a questionnaire was developed to collect data and was distributed on a random sample of (300) employees representing 48% of total workers, which includes (625) employees in three ministries that have been selected purposively . Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS. 19) has been used to analyze the data. The study found that there is a positive correlation between the lack of activation of internal audit and financial corruption in the ministries of Jordan, also there is a positive correlation between the absence of the application of the mechanics of corporate governance in the Jordanian ministries and rampant financial corruption. The study came out with some recommendations, including the need to work on the mechanics of the application of corporate governance in government ministries in order to activate the internal audit system, which would reduce the manifestations of corruption in these ministries.