Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Research on Provincial Forestry Investment Efficiency in China

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  • Abstract

    Forestry is the largest carrier of the green economy. Its strong ecological and economic effect makes it the object of green investment. To explore whether Chinese forestry investment is effectively utilized, we measured the input-output efficiency of forestry investment in 31 provinces in China through the super-slack-based measure model and the Malmquist index in the data envelopment analysis model. Based on this, we further analyze the redundant (insufficient) situation of input (output) in inefficient regions and changes in the efficiency of China’s forestry investment. The results show that the comprehensive efficiency of forestry investment in most provinces of China is low, among which the developed provinces are limited by input factors, while the less developed provinces are affected by low-scale efficiency. Second, the environmental benefit of forestry investment in the sample area is not obvious, and the output of forest carbon sequestration is low. Third, the efficiency of forestry investment in most provinces of China is improving, but the application technology of forestry investment has become the main factor hindering the improvement of forestry investment efficiency.

    JEL classification numbers: E22, Q23, Q54.

    Keywords: Forestry, investment efficiency, China.