Advances in Management and Applied Economics

TWG Tea-Exploring the Case Study on Innovation Diffusion of Taiwan Tea

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    In Taiwan the geography, climax and environment are suitable for growing tea plants. Delicate agricultural planting techniques and exquisite tea making skills have allowed Taiwan tea to stand in world arena as early as more than one hundred year ago. The whole world knows that Taiwan has very excellent and high economical value tea products like Oolong tea, Oriental Beauty tea, and Paochong tea, etc. However, until today Taiwan tea still doesnít have international famous brand. England, France and USA donít grow tea leaves, but they all can create world famous tea brand, of which main products are in tea bag types. 

    The study would look into brand constructing process of a case company, TWA Tea, to study and analyze how TWG Tea successfully broke the traditional constraint with innovation thoughts to establish new business model and lock in high consumption groups, creating a luxurious tea brand. The study would also deconstruct TWA tea model in strategic positioning, cost, organization, process flow, aesthetics, and brand, etc., thus such successful experience can reflect on Taiwan tea innovation to expand to the entire world, hoping to create golden opportunity for Taiwan tea industry once more.


    Keywords: Tea bag, Strategic positioning, Brand construction, Innovation diffusion, Aesthetics.