Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Brand Management Measurement in Mexican Small Firms: Empirical Evidence

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    Brand management is a construct that has been recently analyzed and discussed in the marketing literature, where most empirical studies have made an emphasis on big transnational enterprises and only a few studies have focused on the analysis and discussion of brand management in small firms, even when this sector is the biggest one in any country as it represents around 90% of all the enterprises in the planet, they employ around 50% of all the labor force and they are main driving force of development of the economy of countries. That is why the main objective of this empirical research is the analysis and discussion of brand management in small enterprises from a country of emerging economy, as it is the case of Mexico, by using a sample of 300 small firms and applying a structural equations models that can allow more deeply the existing relation among the dimensions of brand management. The results obtained show that the four dimensions of brand management (values, norms, artifacts and behaviors) are closely related among them and they are excellent indicators for the measurement of brand management in small firms.


    JEL classification numbers: M31.

    Keywords: Brand management, Brands, measurements, Small firms.