Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Research on Service Quality Requirements in Camping Area

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    This study targeted customers of the W camping area through a questionnaire survey. A total of 75 questionnaires were distributed, and 63 valid questionnaires were issued. According to IPA's analysis, items falling in priority improvement areas include: staff will provide detailed operation instructions, have modern and professional equipment internally, service facilities meet customer needs, and staff can do things right the first time. These four factors are: The item is considered highly valued by customers, but the performance of the W camping area is poor, and the operator should give priority to improvement. In addition, according to Kano analysis, there are 4 efficiency improvement service quality items that can simultaneously increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer dissatisfaction. They are that staff are willing to assist and serve customers, have a bright and clean appearance of facilities, and staff can try their best to assist customers in solving problems. Problems and staff can truly fulfill their commitments to customers. Business operators can continuously improve and maintain good service quality based on these quality items to obtain maximum benefits.


    JEL classification numbers: M10.

    Keywords: IPA, Service Quality, Kano Model, Camping Area.