Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Effects of Supply Chain Management on Competitiveness and Performance: Empirical Evidence in Mexico

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    Globalization has influenced modern business environments and supply chain management has become a critical issue for organizations because supply chains have become more complex to manage. As a result, delivery reliability is becoming a key factor in competing in the industry. In recent decades, scholars’ interest has focused in selecting the most appropriate supply chain management strategy has increased because it has been recognized by many organizations as an effective strategy to achieve business objectives and consequently improve firm performance and achieve competitive advantage. Therefore, many SMEs are interested on adopting supply chain management practices to be able to ensure better quality products and diminish operational costs with the end goal of improving their business efficiency and add value to consumers. Considering this context, the objective of this study is to analyze the effects of supply chain management on competitiveness and performance of manufacturing companies, using for it a sample of 217 firms of the State on Aguascalientes in Mexico. The relationships between the variables were analyzed through structural equation modeling and the empirical results conclude that supply chain management has a positive influence on competitiveness and performance of the manufacturing companies.


    JEL classification numbers: M11.

    Keywords: Supply Chain Management, Competitiveness, Performance, Mexico.