Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Assessment of Employees’ Perception of Workplace Diversity and its Influence on Job Satisfaction: Insights from Calgary Economic Region

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    The Worlds constantly changing work environment and the continual increase of multiculturalism, diversity, and inclusion have become an important issue among Human Resources practitioners and business leaders. Few studies have focused on how an employee’s perception of diversity impinges on their job satisfaction. This study quantitatively investigated how employees perceive workplace diversity and the inherent effects of such perceptions on their job satisfaction. Survey data was collected from 430 employees in the Calgary Economic region. The results showed that age is not a significant factor in employees’ perception of workplace diversity. However, their level of job satisfaction differed significantly. The results also showed that employees’ perception of workplace diversity and job satisfaction differed significantly based on sexual orientation, level of education, and ethnic origin. On the other hand, employees’ perceptions of workplace diversity and job satisfaction did not differ significantly based on gender and marital status. The study further revealed that the perception of workplace diversity programs is positively related to job satisfaction.


    Keywords: Workplace Diversity, Job Satisfaction, Motivation, Calgary Economic Region, Social Identity.