Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Research on the Relationship Between Military Personnel's Engagement in Social media and Job Performance and organizational Climate - A Case Study of complaint Facebook Fan Pages

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    The study investigates the impact of social media engagement, using complaints on Facebook fan pages as an example, on the job performance of military personnel. The mediating effect of organizational climate is also examined. The study focuses on personnel from various army units, with a sample size of 336. The validity of the questionnaire is verified through factor analysis, followed by the use of structural equation modeling (SEM) to validate the overall path and model fit. The findings reveal that social media engagement has a positive and significant influence on organizational climate and job performance, with a mediating effect. The study proposes a partial mediation model, suggesting that military management does not need to excessively monitor fan page content. Instead, creating transparent and legitimate channels, interacting with unit members, and addressing problems and needs can enhance individual job performance and task effectiveness.


    Keywords: Social Media Engagement, Organizational Climate, Job Performance.