Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Exploring the Relationship Between Workload, Leadership and Turnover Intentions among Taiwanese Army Personnel A Research Study

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    This study investigates the relationship between workload, leadership and turnover intention among personnel in the Taiwanese Army, with leadership as a mediator. The research subjects are personnel from the grassroots battalion units of the army, with a total of 415 valid responses collected. The collected data were statistically analyzed using descriptive analysis, reliability and validity analysis, discriminant validity analysis, correlation analysis, regression analysis, and Sobel test to understand the associations between workload, leadership and turnover intention. The findings reveal that workload has a significant positive impact on turnover intention, while it has a significant negative impact on leadership. Leadership in turn, exhibits a significant negative impact on turnover intention, with partial mediating effects. The emphasis of this research lies in fostering open communication between supervisors and subordinates, fair task allocation, adequate support and the establishment of a positive work environment and atmosphere to mitigate turnover intention among personnel. Subsequent recommendations are proposed for relevant military authorities and scholars to consider.


    Keywords: Workload, Leadership, Turnover Intention.