Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Entrepreneurial Dynamics: Investigating the Success Factors in Start-Ups and Franchises in Egypt

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    This study embarks on a comprehensive comparative analysis of start-up ventures and franchise operations within Egypt’s burgeoning pharmacy industry, with a key focus on delineating the challenges and success determinants inherent in each business model. Adopting a mixed-method research design, the study utilizes surveys and questionnaires to extract empirical data on pivotal variables such as customer satisfaction, brand image, relationship quality, and trust, thereby evaluating their collective influence on the overarching success of the business entities under scrutiny. A critical facet of this research is the exploration of communication's role in fortifying open innovation performance during business negotiations, particularly within the start-up milieu. This insight is invaluable, underscoring the significance of strategic communication in cultivating customer loyalty and trust, which are paramount in the nascent stages of business development. In summation, the research offers profound insights into the disparate operational dynamics characterizing start-ups and franchises in Egypt. This study not only illuminates the pathways to business success in the competitive Egyptian pharmacy sector but also contributes significantly to the broader discourse on entrepreneurship and business strategy in emerging markets.


    JEL classification numbers: D25, M13, M31.

    Keywords: Franchisee entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Customer satisfaction, Pharmacy industry.